Organisations backing the Saturday October 22, 2022 Day of Action

Action on Empty Homes ■ The Big Issue ■ Community Planning Alliance Defend Council Housing ■ Disabled People Against Cuts ■ Fuel Poverty Action ■ Homes for All ■ Labour Homelessness Campaign ■ People Before Profit ■ Peace & Justice Project ■ Radical Housing Network ■ Renters’ Rights London ■ Social Housing Action Campaign ■ Streets Kitchen ■ Street Storage Unite Union London and South East and London Region ■ Unite Community London and Eastern Region ■ Yes to Fair Redevelopment

How you can get involved

Before the Day of Action

1. Join the CAEH mailing list at the top of this page.

2. Start planning your local action now and tell us what you are doing

3. We will be leafleting at the October 1st Enough is Enough Day of Action in central London - get in touch if you want to join us. We will let you know where we will be meeting up.

4. If you are at a protest in another city or town on October 1st and want some leaflets to give out email if you with your name and address and will we get them in the post to you ASAP

5. You can download the digital version from here: - there is also a version at the bottom of this page

For the Day of Action

1. Join the online national rally at 12 noon on the Action on Empty Homes and Homes for All Facebook pages. You can also join the rally on the Action on Empty Homes Youtube channel. Details will be posted here closer to the day.

2. Organise your own local protest and photoshoot or selfie for the Day of Action. Send your photos to caehcaeh1@gmail,com

We will post resources this webpage to help you make the best impact on the day. Please tell us if you want to order any of the following materials:

  • Order posters and leaflets for the Day of Action - e-mail caehcaeh1@gmail,com please offer a donation of £5 or £10 here to cover costs.

  • The new poster "TAKE ACTION ON EMPTY HOMES' will be available to order in A0, A1 and A2 sizes. Please tell us how many you would like by emailing us at caehcaeh1@gmail,com please offer a donation of £5 or £10 here to cover costs.

  • Download the Day of Action leaflets. We will be updating the the 2021 Day of Action leaflets and you will be able to download them here.

  • There will also be Campaign Launch Media Release for download

3. Put out a local press release - Please edit the copy in the national media release above and add your local details and numbers for your local area. We want national government to give local councils the financial support to get to grips with the growing problem of empty homes.

To find how many empty homes there are in your council area go click here:

To find our about whole-home Airbnbs in your council area visit here:

4. Use your social media to advertise the Day of Action

Please share the A4 leaflet and A3 poster on social media and order for your protest at