Some of the local actions taking place



Take action on empty homes! Join the Day of Action Saturday 22 October at 11am Wellington Mews, London N7 8SQ (or meet us at 10:45am outside Caledonian Road tube station)



Campaign Against Empty Homes - Reopen Copeland Road Hostel!

In-person protest live streaming into the online rally

Saturday 22 October, 2022 12:15pm - 1pm Copeland Road hostel 86-96 Copeland Road Peckham SE15 3SN

Waltham Forrest:

The action in Waltham Forest is taking place in Orford Road in Walthamstow, outside the property at numbers 16-18, postcode E17 9LN. It's the place where we had our protest on the last Campaign Against Empty Homes day of action. The situation was bad then and it's even worse now. The protest is starting at 11 am and is billed to go till 12.30 pm but it may last a bit longer depending on when our slot comes up on the online rally.


We will be at Battersea Power station underground for 12 noon then walk over to the apartments to hear from residents.

Protests also at: Southampton, Kensington, Waltham Forrest - more details soon.

How can I join in and take local action to support the day?

  1. You do not need a large group of people to make a point - we have had protest from 2 people to 20 - over time we want these protest to grow at each Day of Action

  2. We can send you posters with the headline 'Take Action on Empty Homes' so you can take an effective picture and we can put it on this website (see the Campaign Materials page).

  3. Look at out Campaign Materials page for help in finding out how many empty homes, second homes and Airbnbs there are in your area. It will also have adrfat press release you can adapt for your local paper closer to the day.

  4. You might want to take a photo outside:

a) a new build block of flats that will be unaffordable to local people and will be bought as investment properties

b) council flats that have been left empty and should be retrofitted for people to live in

c) is your village on the coast being taken over by Airbnbs? Then let us know about it.

d) a large long term empty property that could be used to house people

e) green space where plans are afoot to build when homes stand empty locally

f) a block of flats that are being taken over by short-lets like Airbnb.

There are over 100,000 people in temporary accommodation - any kind of empty property should be brought back into use.